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Trip home, and The Hunter

I will get around to posting pics and an update regarding the meet. However, I've been asked to mention the following. For those of a delicate disposition, please turn away now...

Random and I decided to take the A515 to Lichfield, totally forgetting that it was a bank holiday, and as such was going to be we stopped at a friendly-looking pub some miles down the road from the campsite for a meal. Random had beef in ale in a huge yorkshire puddin', and I sloped off outside for a smoke, not wanting to eat in case it made me want to curl up and sleep.
At the back of the car park was a field, and clustered in the gateway were thirty or so yearling steers. Being of agricultural stock I wandered over, and quickly made *friends* with a couple of the more tame beasts.
So it was that I was scratching the limousin behind the ears when a large car turned up. I disremember now whether it was a big beemer or a merc. The doors opened and it decanted two identical twin boys, aged somewhere about 12, at a guess, and their father.
*Goodness! Cattle!* one of them chirped, and approached, slowly. T'other brother followed.
*Are they yours?* they asked. I told them that they were not.
One of the beasts, a Charolais, chose that moment to attempt to mount the Limousin I was petting.
*Goodness! Are they both boys?* I agreed that they were indeed both male.
*Then...why are they doing that?*
I asked the lad if he would be going to a public school.
*Yes, next year*
*In that case, you will soon find out why they are doing that*
Daddy, at that moment, spat his cola over the bonnet of his car.
As the boys wandered off he approached and said *You do realise, of course, that I'm going to have to explain that to them later?*
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