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Okay, more detailed afpcamp post now my brain's working...

Firstly thanks to artela and the_ladylark for organising it. And to my good friend rpdom for lifts there and back and general good company, plus B&B sharing which saved us both quite a bit of money. I understand the next one is planned to be in the New Forest, which sounds nice. I think I'll try and book into the on-site B&B next time though, which would be handy. (The Bull In The Thorn was fully booked when I tried to book, although apparently they had a couple of cancellations just a week ago).

Notable bits...

The Space-Hopper. I didn't get photos of all the people who used it, otherwise there would be a special 'afpers and spacehopper' gallery going up on fotopic soon! I think Kian and Grim got the most movement out of it. I didn't try it myself, having the handy excuse of being a skirt-wearing girlie.

Music. Generally on-going singing for a lot of the weekend. A memorable moment was singing ELO's 'Mr Blue Sky' with st_lemur and the_hatstand, with discussion of 'Why did they put that coda on the end?' afterwards. (Something I remember wondering when I first heard the song when I was eight.) Lots of music at maryrcrumpton's party on the Sunday too, which I'll come to in a moment...

The Indian Food Night. Organised by the_ladylark. Lovely restaurant, lovely chicken biryani, very nice mango lhassi. I do remember some discussion of where to buy a mile-long banana at some point...I don't know where that came from! The restaurant coped well with a party of forty, especially since they were expecting a few less than that.

The Rare Breeds Farm at the Bull In The Thorn. Nice place for a tranquil wander. There's certainly no shortage of hens and cockerels around, so I'd be surprised if anyone in the tents ever managed a lie-in! Piglets (which I saw feeding from their mum at one point), llamas, rheas (which people were warned not to go too near as they were very pecky), a corn snake and a baby Royal Python among other attractions. I saw the snakes just after feeding time at one point. One had a very dead mouse in her cage, the other was just in the process of downing a lizard... Giant rabbits, which really *were* giant, and hares which looked like they were huddled together trying to look innocent about what looked like a Great-Escape style tunnel nearby. Oh, and a panther. Well, no, not a panther, it actually turned to be two large black cats lying on bales of hay together. I also saw notices saying "Please wash your hands after touching the animals", which made a change from "Do Not Touch The Animals At All Ever!", but also made me wonder if they'd ever had any biting incidents...

maryrcrumpton's party. Featured a band made up of doctorstewie and various friends of Mary's, some of whom (like doctorstewie, st_lemur and the_hatstand) were experienced musicians, and some of whom (like flirtydaz and his saxophone) hadn't been playing for long. It worked pretty well. Also featured folk-singing with gipsy_dreamer, who it was nice to meet for the first time, and cherade9. High points include Stu and Adrian's drum duet, and Darren singing 'Carl's Mother Is A Bitch' *g*

I enjoyed listening to the Thirtieth Anniversary episode of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue with some of the others too. It was really great to see so many people I don't see very often. I hope I'll be able to get to a meet or something before too long and see some of them again. Photos will follow soon :-)
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