Seeing off cats since 2002 (barkingannie) wrote in dw_augbh_2007,
Seeing off cats since 2002


The blobs took me to AFP Meat, but there wasn't any so I had to have ordinary dog food.

There were lots of different blobs there who kept throwing ball and squeaky bone and rope for me. I was very tired, but didn't like to disappoint them, so I kept bringing them back. I got my ears scratched a lot.

There was a Kaiser there too, and a Willow. Willow tried to steal my ball.

One night they went somewhere else and left me with Kaiser to look after me. Kaiser's blobs gave me some of their food. I wonder if that was AFP Meat.

At night it was very cold, and I slept in mrscosmopilite's bed with her, but I think she will want me to sleep in my own bed tonight.

It was very exciting, and lots of fun, but I am glad to be home now, for a rest. Tomorrow I will check that no cats have hidden in my garden while I was away.
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