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Discworld August Bank Holiday Camping Meet 2007's Journal
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Sunday, March 8th, 2009
8:30 pm
AFP Camp 2009
Behind the scenes your organisers have already started looking for possible venues for this year's AFP Camp. We have started scouting around and have several sites lined up to enquire with already, but if you know of any sites in the South of England (which means roughly Birmingham downwards) that you've been to or are familiar with that we should add to our list of possibles please let us know (just comment in reply to this posting).

What the site needs to have:

  • Availability over the English August Bank Holiday (Thu night to Mon night)
  • Space for at least 50 to 60 people
  • Allows dogs and children
  • Preferably fairly accessible (or within short taxi/lift distance of a station (rail or bus))
  • Amenities like loos and showers preferred, however we can portaloo again if needed
  • Preferably sheltered and don't mind BBQs/fires
  • Not too hideously expensive
  • Has villages/towns/places nearby for those who don't want to camp to get B&B
  • Nearness to somewhere for food/drink is a bonus, but should not be the be all and end all

    Thanks for your help.
    Please add community dw_augbh_2009 to your friendslist if you are interested in attending, and then watch that space for news of the shortlist to vote on in the nearish future.
  • Friday, December 28th, 2007
    3:38 am
    Even more bull
    There's what looks like actual progress with the Bull i' th' Thorn and Robinson's. However, what would really help me is if I had copies or documentation of correspondence between anyone who made complaints and the Bull or Robinson's.

    This can be pretty much anything -- e-mail headers with timestamps are OK, complete e-mails are better, paper is best. If for some reason you have a food or drink receipt from the Bull, that would also be really great, particularly if it provides evidence that the Bull did in fact raise prices when we got there and lowered them after we left.

    I can be reached at edmund@realales.org.uk.
    Saturday, December 8th, 2007
    6:25 pm
    More bull
    It's taking its time, but our complaints about the Bull i' th' Thorn are ticking their way through Chesterfield CAMRA. They have asked for a response from Robinson's.
    Sunday, September 23rd, 2007
    11:18 pm
    Bull i' th' Thorn & CAMRA
    I've heard back from CAMRA about the Bull. The Bull is actually in Chesterfield branch (I've been talking to Chesterfield's pubs officer Mick Portman, pubsofficer@chesterfieldcamra.org.uk) and he's kicking things up to Robinson's; if you have your own horror stories to relay to him, contact him by e-mail.
    Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
    8:35 pm
    Sunday, September 2nd, 2007
    9:22 pm
    My afpcamp photos are here...

    Saturday, September 1st, 2007
    12:09 pm
    Trip home, and The Hunter
    I will get around to posting pics and an update regarding the meet. However, I've been asked to mention the following. For those of a delicate disposition, please turn away now...

    Random and I decided to take the A515 to Lichfield, totally forgetting that it was a bank holiday, and as such was going to be crowded...so we stopped at a friendly-looking pub some miles down the road from the campsite for a meal. Random had beef in ale in a huge yorkshire puddin', and I sloped off outside for a smoke, not wanting to eat in case it made me want to curl up and sleep.
    At the back of the car park was a field, and clustered in the gateway were thirty or so yearling steers. Being of agricultural stock I wandered over, and quickly made *friends* with a couple of the more tame beasts.
    So it was that I was scratching the limousin behind the ears when a large car turned up. I disremember now whether it was a big beemer or a merc. The doors opened and it decanted two identical twin boys, aged somewhere about 12, at a guess, and their father.
    *Goodness! Cattle!* one of them chirped, and approached, slowly. T'other brother followed.
    *Are they yours?* they asked. I told them that they were not.
    One of the beasts, a Charolais, chose that moment to attempt to mount the Limousin I was petting.
    *Goodness! Are they both boys?* I agreed that they were indeed both male.
    *Then...why are they doing that?*
    I asked the lad if he would be going to a public school.
    *Yes, next year*
    *In that case, you will soon find out why they are doing that*
    Daddy, at that moment, spat his cola over the bonnet of his car.
    As the boys wandered off he approached and said *You do realise, of course, that I'm going to have to explain that to them later?*
    Thursday, August 30th, 2007
    9:46 pm
    A bit of a strange question
    I know this is a bit of a long shot...but did anyone who was at the event happen to notice whether I was coughing particularly at the weekend?

    And if anyone is curious about the strange songs Edmund and me were singing (Furry Old Lobster, Re: Your Brains, and Skullcrusher Mountain) they're all by Jonathan Coulton and you can listen to them on his site.
    Wednesday, August 29th, 2007
    11:44 pm
    10:17 pm
    OK, just got back a little while ago... this is the inevitable "feedback" post :-)

    Please add in comments any/all feedback on

  • The Venue
  • The Location
  • Do you fancy doing something similar again but somewhere else in two years time?
  • 8:06 am
    Had an enjoyable weekend - even if I spent most of it huddle in the tent out of the cold wind! The curry was great and we plan on going back as it's only a 15 min or so trip from here! It was good to meet new people and those we already knew but hadn't seen for a while. Sunday was filled with a trip Arbor Low and the bookshop, and me trying to doze in the tent - having overdone the walking at Arbor Low. Everything is mostly put away, apart from the inflatable chairs - cause I have to check if the other deflates as much as the one we used - and the pots and pans that have been washed.

    Thanks to the various herders and organisers for a great job!!

    Edit: Just realised I was only watching the community not a member! Couldn't post til I joined - talk about shutting the stable door.... *g*
    Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
    7:41 pm
    I'm not quite up to a detailed post yet, but I wanted to say this...

    I would like to thank:

    Liz, for helping me pitch my tent
    Naomi, for brunch on Saturday
    Dave and Pudi, for hot water for tea
    Random, for sheer enthusiasm on the subject of peas
    Cy, for chips
    Dave again, for replacing the mantle on my gas lantern
    Edmund, Gid, Eric, Adrian and everyone else involved, for musical entertainment and putting up with my bodhran-playing
    Hunter, for puns beyond the call of duty
    Cookie and Ruthi, for assisting in the return of Aquarion's marbles
    Everyone else for showing up and making it so much fun

    And most of all, Naomi and Suzi for the cat-herding required to make this thing happen.
    7:07 pm
    Okay, more detailed afpcamp post now my brain's working...

    Firstly thanks to artela and the_ladylark for organising it. And to my good friend rpdom for lifts there and back and general good company, plus B&B sharing which saved us both quite a bit of money. I understand the next one is planned to be in the New Forest, which sounds nice. I think I'll try and book into the on-site B&B next time though, which would be handy. (The Bull In The Thorn was fully booked when I tried to book, although apparently they had a couple of cancellations just a week ago).

    Notable bits...
    Under here...Collapse )
    5:59 pm
    Have posted about the weekend on my LJ, if anyone wants to read it. Thought it was little too lengthy to put here.

    Suffice to say I had a great weekend. It was great seeing everyone again and thanks to the organisers for making it happen. If you want the longer version, you know where to find it.
    10:39 am
    The stuff is now out of the car and mostly piled in the dining room. This counts as progress.

    Before I put the roofbox away I want to rig a bracket-and-strap affair on the back of the shed to keep it tidy, rather than just propping it up. That plus a requirement for more milk means a trip into town is probably in order before I progress much further.

    mrscosmopilite needs to work today, and knowitall_teen has to get on with the Art coursework that needs to be done before the start of term (but first she needs to get out of bed), so I'm on my own. Better stop pratting about, finish this coffee, and get on with it then.
    Monday, August 27th, 2007
    8:54 pm
    Back home, have worked out an easier method of putting the tent up, we follow all the instructions next time. Tent came down, went away dry and fitted back into the bag without any problems. Canvas is now back under the bed. Camping stuff is almost completely packed away and clean. This is a record. Good weekend.... must do again. Can survive camping providing I have somewhere to hide at times.

    Oh and thanks to the wonderful person who took the bullet for me :)
    8:17 pm
    The blobs took me to AFP Meat, but there wasn't any so I had to have ordinary dog food.

    There were lots of different blobs there who kept throwing ball and squeaky bone and rope for me. I was very tired, but didn't like to disappoint them, so I kept bringing them back. I got my ears scratched a lot.

    There was a Kaiser there too, and a Willow. Willow tried to steal my ball.

    One night they went somewhere else and left me with Kaiser to look after me. Kaiser's blobs gave me some of their food. I wonder if that was AFP Meat.

    At night it was very cold, and I slept in mrscosmopilite's bed with her, but I think she will want me to sleep in my own bed tonight.

    It was very exciting, and lots of fun, but I am glad to be home now, for a rest. Tomorrow I will check that no cats have hidden in my garden while I was away.
    7:26 pm
    Back home...
    Thanks to everyone that made it such a good weekend!


    Current Mood: tired
    6:36 pm
    Well, we got home, a little pink around the edges, but generally none the worse for wear.

    We have patronised the chippy (what lovely chips, you must be very proud of yourself, well done), and mrscosmopilite is in the bath, where I will be once she emerges. I expect Dog is asleep on her bed, but i can't see her from here. Later we will sit in front of the TV and go "flop". I am off work tomorrow, so unloading the car can wait till then.

    It was lovely to see everybody, and I expect I will write more later, probably on my own Journal.

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